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havapassion for life!

Welcome to, our evolving world of extraordinary luxe accessories, full of surprises from across the globe. was founded by Janine B. in 2011. Why havapassion? Wondering what words of advice to give her children as they matured, she realized the most important thing for them in life is to have passion. That's because, she believes, everything begins with passion - a passion for life, for career, for friends and family. To be sure, "havapassion" is the seed to success and happiness. Wanting to do something different and exciting in the next phase of her life, Janine B. created this site - a vision which fulfills her passion of finding unique and exceptional accessories from all over the world to share with others. is certain to satisfy your need to wear, enjoy and admire them too!

When visiting you will be reminded to live each day with passion - to feel good, go out, and embrace the day with passion. Keep checking in for what's new and exciting as we will continue to bring you the best products for your body and soul.