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Sergio Gutierrez SG Liquid Metal Tiny Ball Chain Mesh Bracelet TB33
Sergio Gutierrez SG Liquid Metal Tiny Ball Chain Mesh Bracelet TB33

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  • SG Liquid Metal Tiny Ball Chain Mesh Bracelet TB33
  • Part of the Tiny Ball Chain Series
  • Made of the smallest ball chain available
  • The bracelet measures 7 1/2" long x 1 5/8" wide
  • Wearing it is a fantastic silky feeling!
  • Nickle Finish

Sergio Gutierrez's Tiny Ball Chain Mesh Bracelet TB33 is a magnificent soft, smooth, silky mesh that is lightweight and delicate. Wear it and indulge in the extraordinary sensuous experience of soft metal on skin. There is nothing like it!

Price: $130.00


About SG Liquid Metal by Sergio Gutierrez

SG Liquid Metal by Sergio Gutierrez

The concept was born when an engineer welded two computer chips together. What followed was the emergence of an innovative new twist on structural art. Sergio Gutierrez's Liquid Metal Collection reflects an artist’s bold jewelry and accessories line that uniquely merges vintage style with modern technology. Original and innovative, each design is hand-crafted, using ball chains to create his signature mesh-based fabric. Gutierrez’s patented technique “Liquid Microchip,” fuses electronic circuitry components with bronze and silver base mesh, precious metals and semi-precious stones. The altered chips are exclusive to the intricate decorative elements that form his Liquid Metal Collection.

Each creation reflects the distinctive ball chain appearance that is the trademark of Sergio Gutierrez’s Liquid Metal Collection’s timeless style. The fusion of high fashion and durability form a signature mesh that makes each piece as unique as the person who wears it…simply one-of-a-kind.

Gutierrez has a growing concern about environmental issues and his collection reflects it. The dexterous designer has combined his love of technology with his passion for innovative art to create his “green” and unique signature designs. He uses recycled computer parts to create some of the materials for his collection, specifically the base material of his ball chains are made of bronze and covered with a chrome nickel or sterling silver finish. The artist exclusively uses bronze chains for their strength and puts a high quality finish on top.

Cherished by celebrities of all ages, Sergio Gutierrez’s Liquid Metal Collection drapes the bodies of today’s most recognizable celebrities. Sergio Gutierrez’s Liquid Metal Collection is a celebrity’s favorite accessory for red carpet events, movie premieres and nights out on the town. The sleek designs of the Liquid Classic collection transform any outfit into an attention-grabbing conversation piece. Sergio’s combination of edge and elegance has made his collection an international sensation.